Other Therapies

spinal rehab, lumbar traction, decompression, chiropractor, the colony tx

Lumbar Traction

Used to increase joint mobility between vertebral segments and decrease intradiscal pressure.

spinal decompression, cervical traction, chiropractor, the colony tx

Cervical Traction

Used to increase joint mobility between cervical vertebrae, decrease intradiscal pressure, and stretch tight muscles.

electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, chiropractor the colony tx

Intersegmental Traction

Used to increase joint mobility between vertebral segments.

electrical muscle stimulation, chiropractor the colony tx

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Used to decrease muscle spasm, pain, and inflammation.

cold laser therapy, chiropractor the colony tx

Cold Laser Therapy

Used to stimulate ATP production to improve healing, decrease pain and inflammation, and increase range of motion.

spinal rehab, stretches, chiropractor the colony tx

Therapeutic Exercises

Used to increase range of motion, strength and flexibility.

Dr. Smith is the best! I went in to relieve my low back pain and have come out with no pain and feeling much much better. She has different therapies like the decompression table to use, and the massage therapists are wonderful. I definitely would recommend going to Colony Chiropractic!

Hanna M.

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