One of the most common and painful postural distortions is text neck (also known as forward head posture). Leaning forward, chin down, to look at your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android may seem like a little thing. It’s not. Over time it puts a MASSIVE amount of weight on your neck and upper back muscles and puts significant pressure on your spinal cord. Due to increased use and popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops, this scenario is now epidemic in the world – even among kids.

Those who have text neck will, over time, lose the normal spinal curvature in the neck. When this occurs, the weight of the head, approximately 12 pounds or so, is displaced and places pressure on the discs, muscles and nerves of the cervical spine. This leads to muscle strain in order to balance the weight of the head and uneven wearing of the discs and joints of the cervical spine.

One’s text neck could be so great that it adds over 40 lbs. of pressure to the discs, muscles, and nerves. That is more than 3 times the normal amount of pressure! Often those with text neck suffer from intense headaches and neck strains.

Your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball. Hold a bowling ball close into your body and it’s easy. Try holding a bowling ball out a few inches from your body and see how much harder that is. Imagine the same scenario with regards to your head posture.